Re: [Evolution] sharing calendars: CalDAV over SSH

On Mon, 2009-05-18 at 19:31 -0700, Jan Pfeifer wrote:
Any alternative methods of sharing calendar among boxes ?

I thought about "sshfs"  mount a common calendar subdirectory among the machines. I assume that would be:


If this directory is shared among the different boxes (but only one running evolution at a time), would you 
expect issues ? 

Yes, that should work too. Though rather create a local calendar on both
machines, and then use it for sharing (there will be a new folder in the
directory you gave above, with one ics file, which you want to share). 

The only thing is, I think, that the backend keeps all events in memory,
and because it runs in evolution-data-server, then you should close also
that process, and evolution-alarm-notification (probably the best with
evolution --force-shutdown), as any write to the file will overwrite it
fully, with stored information in the memory.

I just recalled, you can also publish your calendar events, it's a
plugin. Its setup is in Edit->Preferences->Calendar and Tasks, tab
Publishing Calendar. Though I'm still not sure whether it'll fit your
needs fully.

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