Re: [Evolution] sharing calendars: CalDAV over SSH

On Thu, 2009-05-14 at 09:20 -0700, Jan Pfeifer wrote:

I'm trying to make my office and home evolution to share calendar, and from the options I saw, the easiest 
way sound to me to use CalDAV over SSH.

I saw a mention that this is possible here:

But what do I need to set it up ? How is the URI format for this ?

Any other ideas on setting up a shared calendar would be most welcome!

- jan

ps.: my systems are running Evolution 2.26.1 in Ubuntu 9.04

you should have running some CalDAV server on one of those machines.
There are many of them, say, for example
You can read there more detailed information.

Other option is to use some public server (already running, provided by
somebody else), but I guess you also take care of the security, thus
probably not an option.
        Hope that helps,

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