Re: [Evolution] sharing calendars: CalDAV over SSH

again, thanks a ton for the feedback Milan!

Now that you mention indeed the issues occurred with a recurrent event that I was trying to change, I'll 
check the bug in bugzilla.

Any alternative methods of sharing calendar among boxes ?

I thought about "sshfs"  mount a common calendar subdirectory among the machines. I assume that would be:


If this directory is shared among the different boxes (but only one running evolution at a time), would you 
expect issues ? 

best regards,
- jan

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On Sat, 2009-05-16 at 10:13 -0700, Jan Pfeifer wrote:
hey Millan, many thanks for the answers!! 

Unfortunately I haven't managed to make it work yet.

After a few tries with the public Yahoo! Calendar, I hit the following issues:

-  They publicize their caldav address as an "https" address, see:

- But evolution always convert the "https" to "caldav" and fails to connect.

Yes, it converts the protocol to caldav. To use https check 'Use SLL' in
calendar preferences.

I think I got over this, by changing the address in the caldav part to the port 443 (appending ":443") to 
the hostname.

- Now evolution was able to read most of the entries in the yahoo calendar -- strangely not all of them 

Depends on the event type. There are still opened some CalDAV bugs, one
I can think of is about detached instances of recurring events. There is
no support for them (yet).

- Finally when I tried to change one of the calendar entries, evolution froze.

Do you think this is a problem with yahoo calendar or evolution or both ?

Any backtrace of the frozen evolution? Without that it's hard to tell.
Anyway, this sounds quite out of scope of this mailing list, please open
a bug in against Evolution, and let's see
there. (I guess your evolution-data-server process crashed because of
incorrect data passed to some libical function, but that's really just a
wild guess.)

Have you had better experience with Davical ( ) ?

The things you mentioned (and if my guesses are correct) are pretty same
for any CalDAV server and requires fixing on Evolution side. Though I've
pretty good experience with DAViCal.


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