Re: [Evolution] Problem viewing calendars on multiple machines

The idea behind using Webdav/Caldav or whatever is that it *makes*
both ends use the same format.

Thinking about this - the solution to the OP's problem of keeping
calendars in sync between multiple copies of Evo is to use CalDAV.
There are lots of implementations of CalDAV servers out there *that you
can run on your own machines*.  I've tried a few of them, and I've
settled on Zimbra - it works perfectly with Evo *and* you can login to
it remotely *and* it can synchronise with PDAs/phones through 3rd party
plugins.  It's quite big, but it's fairly easy to setup.  There is much
more to Zimbra than just calendar (it's a full groupware product) - I
initially installed it just for the calendar facilities, but now I've
got family using it for email as well.


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