Re: [Evolution] Help needed!! Contacts crashes after adding new email addresses to the address book

On Thu, 2009-03-12 at 17:29 +0100, Svante R Signell wrote:
I have problems with frequent crashes of contacts when adding new email
addresses by right clicking on a received email and then using them in
composing a new mail. Which files are relevant to the
addressbook/contacts list? I'm linking the .evolution directory to an
afs mounted area. Is everything contained in .evolution or are other
files involved, like /home/user/{.gconf,.gconfd} etc? Seems like
something is out of sync between the afs-linked .evolution
and .gconf*-files! 

I can for example add a new contact if immediately after starting evo
showing the mail at hand in the preview and adding the address. Then I
can compose a new mail with the added contact. If I start evo showing
the contacts, going back to mail mode, add the contact and try to
compose a new mail the addresbook has crashed!!

This is _very_ annoying!!

would you mind to open a bug report in with
backtraces of the crash, so someone can look whether it's something
known and help you with your exact problem instead of pointing you to
some, maybe irrelevant, files? Please send here also a bug number you
enter, just for a reference. Thanks in advance.
Also, try to reproduce this while running evolution from console, after
evolution --force-shutdown
there's some possibility you'll see some related information there (but
not always).

To answer your questions:
your address book's setup is stored in gconf,
but local address books are stored in
with all your contacts added there. Remote address books is quite
different story.

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