Re: [Evolution] storing Inbox mails from Exchange into local folder

El día Saturday, July 18, 2009 a las 04:33:26PM +0200, Matthias Apitz escribió:

Concerning the problem itself: Yesterday evening I went a way from this
problem, a bit frustrated and without doing more changes in the filter
or Evo config. Today morning at home I restarted the laptop and now the
filter works as it should and I've played around a bit and now have the
filter copying every incoming mail to a local folder for backup
purpose. What is not working anymore, and I don't have touched the config
with gconf-editor, only later checked it and the logging is still
enabled, but it does not log anymore. All this is a bit crazy, like any
other power- and colour-full user application :-)


The filtering gets logged, but only written to the file when I
terminated the Evo (and its sub processes);

see this: last filtering 16:37:17, last mod of file 19:06 when I've terminated Evo:

$ tail -2 /tmp/evo-filter.log
Applied filter "backupIncoming" to message from Matthias Apitz
<guru unixarea de> - "Re: [Evolution] storing Inbox mails from Exchange into local folder" at Sat, 18 Jul 
2009 16:37:17
Action: Copy to folder email://local local/backupIncoming

$ ls -l /tmp/evo-filter.log 
-rw-r--r--  1 guru  wheel  2304 18 jul 19:06 /tmp/evo-filter.log

a bit problematic when someone is monitoring with 'tail -f' the logfile;
this should be mentioned in the FAQ where the log is explained.


Matthias Apitz
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e <guru unixarea de> - w
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