Re: [Evolution] POssible to clear Evolution's DNS cache?

On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 08:38 +1000, Brett Randall wrote:
Thanks for your reply Patrick.

It was remiss of me to fail to mention that the remote server is
actually an Exchange server.  On further inspection via netstat it
appears that the process which stays bound to the old (pre VPN state
change) IP address when switching to the VPN is
evolution-exchange-storage, which must maintain a persistent
connection, makes sense.

So I guess the question becomes - what is the safe way to ask
evolution-exchange-storage to rebind its connection? Restarting
Evolution fixes the problem (most of the time? I'm worried about some
of the panel items holding things open).

Sorry, no idea. I've never used Exchange. I have had superficially
similar problems with Gmail though (but much less often than used to be
the case), and it would sometimes help to disable the account
(right-click on the account name in the folder list) and then re-enable
it (via Edit->Preferences or Ctrl-Shift-S).

When that doesn't work I just restart Evo.


PS Please don't top-post here. It makes threads harder to follow.

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