Re: [Evolution] POssible to clear Evolution's DNS cache?

On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 14:03 +1000, Brett Randall wrote:

I have a situation with a VPN where my server's IP address changes 
between connect/disconnect states.  It _appears_ as though Evolution 
caches the DNS lookup for my server, so there are problems when my VPN 
connection state changes (Evolution cannot connect, general 

Any workarounds for this - clearing Evolution's DNS cache for example?

Evolution 2.26.1 on Ubunutu Jaunty 9.04.

It makes no sense for an individual application to have its own DNS
cache. Apps leave name resolution to the resolver library and any
caching is done at system level.

The problem seems more likely to be in the VPN stack but it's hard to be
sure without a more detailed description.


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