[Evolution] Syncing with Palm Lifedrive

I'm really frustrated with this. I got the evo conduits down and installed. Managed to sync once. Went to sleep that night and the next morning I could not sync. The gnome-pilot app (sync settings) won't even go to the Lifedrive to get info (I thought I might try setting up the device again).

I know that this is not much info, but I don't know where to begin to chase this down. I've just started using Linux ( Fedora 10, again, I tried Fedora 5 years ago and it just wasn't ready for day to day use then) and I am real pleased with it. Some cool PnP functionality...ie, I plugged in my USB wireless dongle and F10 just saw it and it works, the HP All in One that I cannot get to install in windows just worked in F10 with HPLIP. So, really this is the last issue for me. But it's a big one. I find that as I get older I really need that Lifedrive to help me keep track of things. I'd hate for this to be the thing that keeps me using windows...ugh.


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