[Evolution] Evo 2.24.3 bug list, by personal priority.

Hi all,

A few weeks ago, I read how on this list how someone (maybe poc?) used
to post their list of Evolution bugs that annoyed them, with their bug
numbers / bugzilla links.

Having just upgraded to Evolution 2.24.3, and having tested where
possible to confirm that bugs I'm watching are still present, I thought
it may be worth repeating this for bugs that annoy me.

To break it down into manageable chunks, I've categorised the Evolution
bugs by personal priority level. P1 would be things that
annoy/grate/cause-data-loss at least once a week or usually once a day
or more; P2 would be things that annoy but not as strongly as P1, or
where it feels like some very useful functionality is missing; there is
no P3; P4 are minor annoyances; and P5 are wishlist things that I'd like
to see in Evo (either because they'd improve usability, or be
strategically important for encouraging uptake, like the PST importing

A few items have comments in square brackets, about current status /
things I need to check / things that require community feedback / etc.

Your comments, including agreements of support from people also
affected / disagreements against where something seems like a bad idea,
links to dupes, etc, are all welcome.

== P1 - Major annoyances ==

* Bug 558030 - Evolution: Add a way to convert appointments into
meetings, and meetings into appointments, or remove the distinction
altogether. (Evolution)
* Bug 413618 - Undo for tasks, notes and appointments (Evolution)
* Bug 554392 - Evolution: Can copy/paste HTML checkboxes into plain text
emails, and cannot undo this. (Evolution)
* Bug 349397 - No text/calendar (.ics) handling (Evolution)
* Bug 550769 - Evolution: When deleting folders, move these to the
trash, instead of deleting irreversibly. (Evolution)
* Bug 523802 - Evolution Mail and Calendar: copy paste does not work...
(Evolution) [has patch attached from Milan Crha, needs review]
* Bug 558363 - Evolution: Appointments reminder window lost on logout +
login (reminder data loss) (Evolution)
* Bug 558493 - Evolution: Reminders for Appointments due when the
computer is turned off are lost / never shown. (Evolution) [not sure if
this still happens in 2.24, need to check]
* Bug 551470 - Evolution: do not insert "-- " (dash dash space) at the
start of signatures. (Evolution) [Marked as WONTFIX, but as mentioned
previously cannot agree with this resolution]

== P2 - Irritating Bugs and Missing Features ==

* Bug 558042 - Evolution: add a multi-column view for memos - i.e. more
than one memo per line (Evolution)
* Bug 558037 - Evolution: Accept semicolons, as well as commas, as
email-address separators in the "TO" address field. (Evolution)
* Bug 557187 - Evolution: Today not selected upon opening calendar.
(Evolution) [has patch, but patch needs updating following review
* Bug 556078 - Evolution: Make Tasks / Memos / Calendar items remember
window size. (Evolution)
* Bug 553732 - Evolution: Drag-and-drop moving of days for calendar
appointments in the calendar view. (Evolution)
* Bug 200683 - Evolution: Spell check does not spell check an email's
subject line (Evolution)
* Bug 551464 - Evolution: Make copy/paste of files into draft Evolution
emails insert attachments, not the file path as text. (Evolution)
* Bug 559365 - Evolution: Rolling the mouse scroll wheel in the Calendar
does not always scroll the view. (Evolution)
* Bug 559366 - Evolution: Cannot scroll the Calendar view using the
arrow keys (Evolution)
* Bug 559710 - Evolution: Do not close Tasks on save. (Evolution) [i.e.
change label to "save and close" as per Outlook, or add a new button for
save only vs. save and close]
* Bug 561140 - Evolution: Add spell check for calendar meetings.
* Bug 562512 - Evolution: Make hyperlinks clickable in Memos, Tasks, and
Calendar items (Evolution)
* Bug 565403 - Evolution: Do not bold folder when subfolder with unread
messages is already expanded. (Evolution) [marked as probabledupe, but
have not been able to find dupe as yet]

(I don't have anything marked as P3, in case you're wondering)

== P4 - Minor annoyances ==

* Bug 558320 - Evolution: New task list dialog box - minor tweaks to
make adding task lists quicker and easier via keyboard. (Evolution)
* Bug 558322 - Evolution: Pressing "F2" on a highlighted Task List /
Memo List / Address Book / Calendar should bring up the properties
dialog box. (Evolution) [has committed partial patch from Matthew Barnes
for improved renaming but not F2 binding]
* Bug 554663 - Ctrl-s as shortcut to "save draft" rather than
ctrl-shift-s (Evolution) [needs more community feedback - would changing
to standard shortcut keys be accepted by user base?]
* Bug 330228 - We should be able to import a file as Memo (Evolution)
* Bug 550773 - Evolution: Do not scroll to end of Draft messages when
opened. (Evolution)
* Bug 551324 - Evolution: Add a folder hierarchy for tasks, memos, and
contacts. (Evolution)
* Bug 559027 - Evolution: Clicking in a contact's "anniversary" or
"birthday" field, without changing anything, sets the date to today
(Evolution) [Can anyone else reproduce this? Takes 30 seconds to test.]
* Bug 561465 - Evolution: Make the "Attendee" column wider by default
when adding or editing a meeting. (Evolution)
* Bug 543389 - Camel Disk summary bugs (Evolution) [sometimes getting
these, e.g. wrong number of items in a mail folder marked as unread,
need to check in 2.24.3]
* Bug 517625 - Evolution crashed : just after creating an appointment
(Evolution) [check if happens again in 2.24.3]
  related URL:
* Bug 558366 - Evolution: Set timezone for Imported calendar items if
none is specified. (Evolution)
* Bug 558477 - Evolution: "From" email address IMAP Header corruption

== P5 - Wishlist ==

* Bug 207580 - No Ability to check one individual pop mailbox
* Bug 557188 - Evolution: "Save As..." UI should indicate save as file
type for email, tasks, memos, and calendar items. (Evolution)
* Bug 420517 - Convert to appointment feature in mail (Evolution)
* Bug 231099 - Add an outlook personal folder (PST) importer.
* Bug 208426 - import pst non-mail data from Outlook. (Evolution)
* Bug 561304 - Evolution: Jump to near right place in Memo list by
pressing keyboard letter. (Evolution)
* Bug 565306 - Evolution: Add an "open contact" option when
right-clicking on an email address, if they are in the address book.
* Bug 550767 - Evolution: Add a "reply in same format" option.
* Bug 561300 - Increase size of "notes" field in Evolution's "Contact
Editor" (Evolution)
* Bug 562397 - Evolution: Make obvious how user can apply new filters to
a folder. (Evolution)

-- All the best,

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