[Evolution] Trying to configure evo-mapi

  Hi guys,
           I am trying to use the mapi connector from 
I am outside my corporate firewall, and that may be the problem, but I
have tunnelled in and think all routes are sent via the tunnel -
certainly I can 'traceroute' to the server in ms.

  Anyway, I get no response - just a 'password' prompt repeated 
ad infinitum. 
   I have looked with wireshark, and there are precisely 3 packets 
associated with starting evolution: 
 pptp echo-request from me
 pptp echo-reply from my pptp server
 pptp > 45291 [ACK] Seq=177 Ack=221 Win=64891 Len=0 TSV=18258429

And that's it. Is this waiting for a reply? Somehow I would have
expected evolution to send SOMETHING when I enter a password but it
   Any ideas?
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