Re: [Evolution] Evaluating Evolution- some basic questions [about the forced hyphens in signatures]

Second, note the one hyphen in my signature above the longer series
below?  I can't get rid of that "hovering hyphen."  I've edited my
signature, of course, but that hovering hyphen doesn't appear there.
How can I get rid of that?  

I hate the force-inserted hyphens too. I am forever manually deleting
them from the my work signature, and I find them endlessly annoying.
It's MY signature, and *I* will decide what goes into it. For a public
mailing list, two dashes and RFC compliance are fine, but for work
emails they look stupid, out-of-place, and unprofessional, and they must
die; that and the mentality that says "it's okay to force things onto
people they hate". Hint: The road to success starts by helping people do
things they want to do better, not by forcing them to do the things you
want them to do.

The wontfixed bug for this is:

Also, in Evo, I used to get two hyphens + a space "-- ", and I
upgraded my main desktop to Evo 2.24.3 on Friday, and now I seem to get
a dash and two spaces "-  ". Technically, I suppose this is a bug, since
it entirely negates the purpose of forcing the dashes onto people, but
since I fundamentally disagree with the feature in the first place, now
I just find it poetic: Evo tries to forces people to have two dashes in
their signatures, and yet gets it wrong, thus achieving the worst of all
possible worlds: preaching RFCs whilst being RFC non-compliant, and
being I-know-better-than-you arrogant whilst being outright wrong.

Sorry if I sound bitter about this, but the feature annoys me, yet the
arrogant mentality of forcing it into people's signatures annoys me even
more, so I can't help but see in karmic justice in the feature not
working correctly :-)

-- All the best,

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