Re: [Evolution] Evo 2.24.3 bug list, by personal priority.

On Mon, 2009-02-23 at 16:09 +1100, Nick Jenkins wrote:
Hi all,

A few weeks ago, I read how on this list how someone (maybe poc?) used
to post their list of Evolution bugs that annoyed them, with their bug
numbers / bugzilla links.

It wasn't me, at least not in any systematic way. I do recall posting a
short list of "favourites" not long ago.

Having just upgraded to Evolution 2.24.3, and having tested where
possible to confirm that bugs I'm watching are still present, I thought
it may be worth repeating this for bugs that annoy me.

2.24.4 has been out for a few weeks now, but I suspect pretty much all
of these are still present.


 there is no P3;

As in "There is No Rule 6"?


Your comments, including agreements of support from people also
affected / disagreements against where something seems like a bad idea,
links to dupes, etc, are all welcome.

I see most of the list is related to calendaring, tasks etc. I only use
Evo as a mailer, so I won't comment on these.

* Bug 554392 - Evolution: Can copy/paste HTML checkboxes into plain text
emails, and cannot undo this. (Evolution)

True, a definite bug.

* Bug 550769 - Evolution: When deleting folders, move these to the
trash, instead of deleting irreversibly. (Evolution)

The BZ comments pretty much sum it up. IMAP doesn't support marking a
folder for deletion. The fact that some MUAs such as Outlook or Kmail do
this moving the folder to Trash is presumably a consequence of them
using an actual Trash folder. Asking Evo to do this is to break its
deletion model, which is aligned with IMAP's (even for non-IMAP
folders), and IMHO having it behave differently depending on whether the
folder is on an IMAP server or not would be confusing to the user. Given
that folder deletion always asks for confirmation, I don't see this as a
problem that needs fixing.

* Bug 551470 - Evolution: do not insert "-- " (dash dash space) at the
start of signatures. (Evolution) [Marked as WONTFIX, but as mentioned
previously cannot agree with this resolution]

We'll just have to agree to disagree about this one.

* Bug 558037 - Evolution: Accept semicolons, as well as commas, as
email-address separators in the "TO" address field. (Evolution)

It doesn't help your argument to say you have no idea what an RFC has to
do with it, under the general principle of "be strict in what you send,
be flexible in what you accept". Not a point of honour however.

* Bug 200683 - Evolution: Spell check does not spell check an email's
subject line (Evolution)

Never even noticed this (I almost never use spell-check anyway). How
would this work with replies? You probably don't want the Subject of a
reply to be changed, at least not automatically.

* Bug 551464 - Evolution: Make copy/paste of files into draft Evolution
emails insert attachments, not the file path as text. (Evolution)

OK, though I'd put this under P5.

* Bug 565403 - Evolution: Do not bold folder when subfolder with unread
messages is already expanded. (Evolution) [marked as probabledupe, but
have not been able to find dupe as yet]

I'd actually like an alternative view that showed only folders with
unread content. Thunderbird 3 has this and it's convenient.

* Bug 554663 - Ctrl-s as shortcut to "save draft" rather than
ctrl-shift-s (Evolution) [needs more community feedback - would changing
to standard shortcut keys be accepted by user base?]

No strong feelings on this.

* Bug 550773 - Evolution: Do not scroll to end of Draft messages when
opened. (Evolution)

The main thrust of your argument is that this is inconvenient when using
Outlook-style quoting, so you can guess my opinion ...

Ironically, the default "put the cursor at the beginning when replying"
is something that irritates me (I think it encourages top-posting) and
I've asked to be made optional. See

* Bug 558477 - Evolution: "From" email address IMAP Header corruption

I've never seen this.

* Bug 207580 - No Ability to check one individual pop mailbox

This is a long-standing request (not just for POP of course). I agree.

* Bug 231099 - Add an outlook personal folder (PST) importer.

No feelings about this as I never receive PST attachments and if I do I
can presumably deal with them outside Evo.

* Bug 208426 - import pst non-mail data from Outlook. (Evolution)


* Bug 565306 - Evolution: Add an "open contact" option when
right-clicking on an email address, if they are in the address book.

Sounds reasonable.

* Bug 550767 - Evolution: Add a "reply in same format" option.

Also reasonable.

* Bug 562397 - Evolution: Make obvious how user can apply new filters to
a folder. (Evolution)

An "Apply Now" button in the filter editor would be reasonable (Gmail
does this for example). The others alternatives look like bloat.


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