Re: [Evolution] Questions on expunging

On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 18:08 -0500, Internaut at Large wrote:
On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 18:16 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

That's OK. As I said earlier, you can script it outside of Evo, just not
inside. Make sure the script and the Evo installation agree on what the
various folder names are, or it could get embarassing. And of course run
it only when the user is online to the server (can be tricky with mobile
users). And be careful about concurrent access to the mailboxes, which
is undefined in IMAP.

Why not write a script or plugin for within evolution?  There should be
some way to do that ...

Read back to the beginning of this thread. AFAIK there is no support for
time-based scripting in Evo. If you want to look at plugins, check out


I already have a diff file that adds a "move" button to my button bar,
in between delete and junk.

      <toolitem name="MessageMove" verb=""

So, if there was some way to pin the MessageMove to move things, by
invocation to a specific folder (current-old, in my description)
something similar might be easily distributed, and maintained across
versions. (this one is for 2.22
evolution/2.22/ui/evolution-mail-message.xml) so, it shouldn't be hard.

I still think you'll have a hard time convincing the powers-that-be in
Evo that this is a good idea. It *may* solve one specific problem, but
it introduces a lot of noise in the design and makes the deletion model
much harder to describe.

It might be more palatable not to try and overload Delete, but to
introduce a new primitive: Archive, with the property of moving stuff
around in the way you describe. I note that Thunderbird 3 will support
some kind of archiving (no idea if it's similar to what you propose) so
maybe it's not out of the question.


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