[Evolution] open a single e-mail from a file

If I had a single e-mail in mbox format in a file, is there any way to
get evolution (2.4.24) to simply open that message in a message reading

I am aware that I can use File->Import to read it into an existing
folder, but that's a bit cumbersome to simply open a message, say, to be
able to reply to it.

Here's the use-case.  Some mailing list archivers, like "lurker" will
allow you to download a single message as a "message/rfc822"

For example if you look at this archive message:
you can see in the top right corner there is an "Attachments:" box.  The
first is a "Message as e-mail", which if yo click on it, you will get
the full message with a content-type of "message/rfc822".

It would be nice to be able to easily get that message in an evolution
reading window, say, to reply to it.



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