Re: [Evolution] Evolution newbie questions

I've just finished an install of Gnome on Mandriva 2009. First time I've
used Gnome and Evolution so pardon some probably simple questions.

1. I use a script for my signature. In all other MTA's I've used there
is a -- before the signature, I don't see that here in Evolution.
Where/how is it added? BTW, I added the -- manually on the below sig.

KeyID 0xE372A7DA98E6705C Live - The Rolling Stones - I can't get no
satisfaction (Absolute Classic Rock, live from London, UK Hi BR MP3)

The character sequence should be '-- '  i.e. two dashes and a space -
that's the standard sig separator that MUAs recognise (and hence why
your sig wasn't recognised as such by the mailling list software).

You need to include the sig separator as part of your signature, Evo
doesn't add it for you.  The sig script you use needs to output in HTML
so that the editor can format it correctly, so one of the shell scripts
I use starts:

        echo "-- <br>"
        echo "Pete&nbsp;Biggs<br>"

Doesn't make any sense why should I put HTML tags in a linux script?

Err, because that's how it works.  And you aren't putting HTML tags into
the script - you are using a script to output HTML tags to the Evolution

echo "KeyID 0xE372A7DA98E6705C"
if [ -p /tmp/xmms-info ] ; then echo "Live - $( grep Title: /tmp/xmms-info | 
awk -F': ' '{print $2}' )"


And if you notice your sig in Evo doesn't have a line break between the
KeyID and "Live" whereas your kmail one does.  That's because you didn't
put a <br> after the KeyID.  To fix it, the first line just has to read:

   echo "-- <br>KeyID 0xE372A7DA98E6705C<br>"

Kmail automatically adds the -- 

And Evo doesn't.  There are reasons for it.

 Another question is why doesn't Evolution show 
a new message count as they come in? I'm using an IMAP account on my local box 
along with fetchmail and procmail. In Kmail when a new post comes into one of 
the folders the message count shown changes but not in Evolution.

Have you told it to look for new messages in all folders?


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