[Evolution] Can't connect to GAL with evolution-mapi trunk


I recently faced an Exchange2007 upgrade and had to say goodbye to my
OWA connector.

I managed to build a complete Evolution stack on my Ubuntu Intrepid
system. I followed the instructions from
http://www.go-evolution.org/Compiling_Evolution_from_SVN. This
includes latest versions of evolution-data-server, evolution,
openchange and evolution-mapi trunks as well as Samba4alpha6 and all
required libraries.

I can now read mails from the Exchange2007 server :-)

However, the connection to the GAL seems not to work. Name resolution
does not work and prevents sending mails. There is no message in the
console. GAL worked with the old OWA connector and I use the same GAL
server parameters.

I now that GAL connection has also been reworked and now uses NSPI.
Has someone experienced the same problem? Is there any configuration
trick to apply?

Is there any test that I can perform to debug the problem?

Thank you for any help,


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