Re: [Evolution] all i want...

On 03/02/09 04:46, Pete Biggs wrote:
I think what I'm trying to say is that my feeling is that generally Evo
is not less stable now than it was before - there would be much, much
more grouching here if it were - but I get the impression that either
some "edge cases" are suffering or there are some particular oddities in
some isolated cases.

This is probably right. I have a couple of edge cases myself, e.g. I mentioned one here a week or two ago, concerning an apparent intermitent bug in \Unseen handling, but no-one else on this list commented. It can also have problems with "Storing Folder" (someone on the Fedora list posted a similar complaint and now has a BZ entry for it: 570294).

I've always had problems opening very large IMAP folders (one on Gmail, one not). In some previous Evos the entire UI would just freeze. In this version the folders can take forever to "scan for new messages" (typically just sitting at 0%), so much so that Evo often starts a *second* scan, presumably because the server poll interval has run out. Note that killing Evo and restarting immediately solves the problem, which rather begs the question of why Evo can't just do whatever it does without user intervention.

I use Evo under KDE (now KDE 4.1) but that's not supposed to matter.

I've been using the beta of Thunderbird 3 for a week now. I haven't seen it hang yet on these same large folders, which BTW also open in seconds rather than minutes. I'll hold off from jumping ship till I can try Evo 2.24.4, but it's not looking good.


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