Re: [Evolution] compiling from SVN tutorial - now with more MAPI!

On Sat, 2009-01-31 at 22:39 +0200, Gibro Vacco wrote:
In my office some skilled IT manager just decided to upgrade the old
(read: obsoleted as by design) Exchange 2003 server with a brand new
Exchange 2007. The result is that my loved Evolution ceased to work
with the Exchange plugin: it was possible to use ONLY IMAP (no
calendar, addressbook configurable through some weird LDAP
try-and-then-retry-again, etc. etc.).

Being put at the corner between the choice of using a web interface or
no more accessing to my calendar I decided the third way: trying
evolution with the MAPI protocol.

When I found this the process became quite trivial on intrepid (thanks
Thomas). BTW I found some minor problems in resolviong dependencies
and compilations tricks, so I updated the SVN tutorial for working
with MAPI (I think many people had -and will have- my same problems).

Would help you.

- Akhil

On monday I'll try if all the stuff (calendar, addressbook and, of
course, emails) works and, if necessary, I'll post some other

Many thanks to the community!


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