[Evolution] evolution crashing randomly


over the last few days, evolution has taken to crashing - the app just
disappears a few seconds after start-up. This seems to be triggered by
events like clicking on emails or moving mails about, and doesn't seem
to be specific to a particular problem email.

If I start with the debug flag, it still crashes no interesting errors
are recorded;
"evolution-shell-Message: Killing old version of
** (evolution:8513): DEBUG: mailto URL command: evolution
--component=mail %s
** (evolution:8513): DEBUG: mailto URL program: evolution

[localbox localhost ~]$ uname -a
Linux localhost.localdomain #1 SMP Wed
Feb 11 23:14:31 EST 2009 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[localbox localhost ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release 
Fedora release 10 (Cambridge)
[localbox localhost ~]$ evolution -version
Unknown option -version
Run 'evolution --help' to see a full list of available command line
[localbox localhost ~]$ evolution --version
GNOME evolution 2.24.4
[localbox localhost ~]$ rpm -qi evolution
Name        : evolution                    Relocations: (not
Version     : 2.24.4                            Vendor: Fedora Project
Release     : 1.fc10                        Build Date: Fri 30 Jan 2009
22:21:36 GMT
Install Date: Wed 25 Feb 2009 20:05:26 GMT      Build Host:
Group       : Applications/Productivity     Source RPM:
Size        : 39833758                         License: GPLv2 and GFDL
Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Thu 19 Feb 2009 11:43:38 GMT, Key ID
Packager    : Fedora Project
URL         : http://www.gnome.org/projects/evolution/
Summary     : Mail and calendar client for GNOME
Description :
Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, contact manager and
communications tool.  The components which make up Evolution
are tightly integrated with one another and act as a seamless
personal information-management tool.

Any ideas?


Tom H

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