Re: [Evolution] Question about Trash folder

On Sat, 2009-01-31 at 19:50 +0100, Giuseppe Roberti wrote:
is it possible to set as "Trash folder" an IMAP folder from server so i
can have mail erased from evolution in the same place of any other IMAP
client (like webmail) ?

The mail erased in evolution *is* still on the server - it's in your
INBOX and is marked as deleted. You just have to convince your other
clients to show deleted messages.  The Trash folder in Evo is just a
virtual folder that contains links to all the deleted messages in the
account, it's not a real folder.

As is frequently said on this list, IMAP has no "delete this email"
function - you can mark a message as deleted, then expunge the whole
mail box, but you can't delete an individual message.  Nor can you
"Move" a message, but you can copy a message and mark the original as
deleted.  This is NOT an Evolution imposed feature set, it is imposed by
the underlying IMAP protocol.

Any other client that is using IMAP and doing something different is
fudging it in some way.


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