Re: [Evolution] my 1st impression & what's missing

On Fri, 2009-02-27 at 23:11 +0100, de-a arcor de wrote:
4A) Search missunderstandable. 
The idea of putting the search options in a ICON left from the input
field is bad! 
No one is used to klick on ICONS IN INPUT fields and never left of the
You always use options at the right from something (in EU / Ameriaks /
Australis ..) 

I agree. In fact I already commented on it here. Maybe a BZ report is in

4B) Saearch is not working the first time. Only when you repeat the
search that it finds the right stuff.


4C) The additional Options at the right from the Input box are not
logic. And what hurts the most you could 
put them just as checkboxes right from the start available so users
are not forcded to a) think b) try things out
c) klick, select and klick again

Again, huh?

4D) You can not escape out of the search modus. That's very stupid.
Clicking on the left at any input directory 
will not END the search and you will not get displayed any E-Mails!!

I think it works correctly. WHile composing your search you can select
different messages from the message pane without wiping the search, but
if you select a different fcolder from the folder pane the search is
wiped. Why do you think this is wrong?

4C) Wrong Icons & Color at the Menu bar. The Cancel buttom is RED (but
why??). Instead the Delete buttom is gray!
Now ask yourself what deserves more the color red. A simple "hey stop
here" or a more important action "DELETE"???

Icons depend on your desktop theme. In my case, Delete is a large red
cross and Cancel is an octagonal red button.

4D) explicit PORT  in POP etc missing. So you can not put an explicit
Port in it when you run a moire secure environment.

You can. Just set the POP server to or whatever.

4E) Filters are NOT really working well. 

Please explain. Also, check the FAQ question at

4F) It's not logic to create a filter and then to be forced to a)
select all e-mails b) press STR Y c) for every directory.
This should work automaticaly but you schould have the option to
select a specific directory.
I do not have the time to klick and press around too much!

Filters only work automatically on Unseen (i.e. new) messages. Again,
check the FAQ. If you want to apply a new filter to every existing mail
in every folder, try setting up a Search folder that includes all mail,
then select all its contents (Ctrl-Y) and apply filters.

4G) No archieving functionality. This is a must for modern E-Mail
clients guys!

Please submit an enhancement request to

4H) Security button for Downloading IMAGES in emails. Sometimes there
are nice e-mails so you wanne see
the images. Especially when it comes from a "HOT CONTACT" ;)

You can configure Evo to automatically download images
(Preferences->Mail Preferences->HTML Messages), or you can load them on
demand (Ctrl-I). What is a "security button"?

4I) Composing E-Mails is well done! Simple easy to use and not

4J) Plugin engine should be opend up so everyone can program plugins
for it

It's completely open, as is the rest of Evo. See

e.g. Auto response or text pattern for standartized response E-Mails.

You mean templates? Try Edit->Plugins->Templates (I've no idea how this
works, but see


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