Re: [Evolution] evolution exchange

On Sat, 2008-09-20 at 17:02 +0200, Nigel Atherton wrote:
When I sent out the original email, the messages that had been deleted
at work all still appeared in evolution.

Much later (longer than an hour) the folder just magically seemed to
update and remove the files that had been deleted.

I was online all the time and there were no issues with the

I had a similar issue again today.  This time I worked on 20 unread
emails in evolution, deleted them etc and when I looked at the folder
tree, it still displayed 20 unread emails.

You mean, it still displayed them in the OTHER instance of Evo, right?
The one you were working in was up to date?

I came back a few hours later and it now only shows 2 unread which is

Its as though there is some form of delay in syncing changes between
Evolution and the exchange server.

Any ideas?

Well, I'm still waiting for the answers to my questions.  If you click
the "Send/Receive" button, does your inbox update then?

If you exit Evo and re-enter it, does your inbox update then?

As I mentioned in my last message, I do see similar behavior to yours:
when I get home, my inbox on my Evo instance there is in some
semi-updated state.  Most new email is present but so is a lot of stuff
I deleted during the day.

I click "Send/Receive" and it is all fixed for me (with a few minor

You might try going to Edit -> Preferences, Mail Accounts, edit your
Exchange account, and look at the "Receiving Options" tab.  There are
some options there for syncing your inbox.  I have them all unchecked
and I haven't played with them to see how they work with Exchange, but
my advice would be to try those.

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