Re: [Evolution] Evolution and Firefox

On Sat, 2008-10-25 at 11:54 -0400, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
it seems a reboot (after doing a system update) did the trick. And
when using KDE, gnome-control-center is not necessary. Both features
are working with it having been removed.

You probably would have gotten the same result with just restarting X.
My guess is that kcontrol would have handled it without
gnome-control-center for reasons stated below.

gnome-control-center is just for changing the preferences. Once you've
changed them it's not needed (till the next time you want to change
of course). The preferences are stored as XML files and loaded
automatically by the Gnome subsystem, which *does* have to be running.

I'm not absolutely certain, but I understood that firefox is not a gnome
app, just built with gtk+ (like a qt app that isn't full blown KDE).
You don't need to load gnome to run firefox (or gtk+ based openoffice).
You will need gnome to run evolution, though.

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