Re: [Evolution] Can I get an IMAP folder update up in here!

Something has been bothering me about this thread:  it doesn't ring true
to me!  So I've just done some experiments.  I've got Evo (2.24.2)
running on my F10 box and Outlook2007 running on a Vista machine next to
it.  Both are looking at the same Inbox via IMAP.

I can delete a message in Evo, and that change isn't immediately visible
to Outlook.  But all it needs is to move to another folder and virtually
immediately that message is then marked as deleted in Outlook.  So some
write back of information is happening at times.

It doesn't work in the other direction though - deleting in Outlook
doesn't get automatically picked up by Evo unless I force a reload of
the folders by closing it down and restarting.

So the issue appears to *not* be one of Evo writing back the info.  It's
an issue of Evo not *reading* and updating the cached information.


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