[Evolution] Can I get an IMAP folder update up in here!

How many years have we been living with this?

I leave evolution open on my home machine and head to work. I read and
delete emails all day at work. I come home to find all my messages
unread at home and if I do anything except close evolution immediately,
it undeletes all the deleted mail and marks unread all the read mail.

Not to mention, how many times have I panicked when looking at my iPhone
telling me I have 30 unread messages because I have forgotten to
nervously twiddle between "Inbox" and "Drafts" to force Evolution to
update the folder.

I'm not the only one who finds this totally ridiculous.


Yes, I've tried all the "synchronize automatically" and "copy folder
locally". That doesn't fix the problem. Apparently, in years past you
could force an IMAP version change to get around this problem.

I've seen this problem with every version of evolution since Redhat 9 up
to on F9 and whatever is the most recent on Ubuntu. It behaves
the same against gmail and dovecot.

Why can't you just update the folder when you check for new messages?

I don't care what the RFC's say or what evolution is doing right or
dovecot or gmail is doing wrong. 

Pretty please, with sugar on top, update the fscking folder once in a

Very respectfully yours,

David Graves

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