Re: [Evolution] Can I get an IMAP folder update up in here!

The option of an explicit "synch" action could help the smarter user
avoid the problem if used properly, and it would certainly be a
convenience to have, but it still wouldn't be automatic. The best way to
avoid the issue at present is by not allowing it to arise, i.e. by not
having A and B running concurrently.

I agree with that.  It's too big a can-o-worms to sort it out so that
Evo always does what everyone thinks it should.

It's also something that Evo can not solve on it's own, it needs the
IMAP server to also be aware of sync'ing issues.  A few years back I
switched from using UW-IMAP to Dovecot - the issue that my users were
getting stressed about was that UW-IMAP did not allow concurrent access
to the same folder from multiple places, whereas Dovecot does.  They
were getting annoyed that if they left their MUA running at work, their
home one either wouldn't connect or their work one lost it's connection,
or they couldn't use mail-notification programs etc. etc.  Dovecot
solved that issue, but at least UW-IMAP coped with the synchronisation
issues by just not allowing it to arise in the first place.


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