Re: [Evolution] Can I get an IMAP folder update up in here!

More frequent updates, even immediate updates of status chagnes
(reads/deletes) means less wierdness. 

No, it would just make the weirdness happen more often.

If on client A you delete a message, that change would be sync'd.
Client B, where the message hasn't been deleted, would then sync and
undelete the message.  So to get around that you need a read, compare,
write sequence - fine, but for how many messages?  You frequently hear
on this list of people having 10s of thousands of messages - any one of
which might have been deleted or read or whatever - so you have to do a
read/compare/write sequence for all the messages in all folders every
time - currently when evo starts up on my home machine, it takes about 2
or 3 minutes to do that for all my folders: that's not something I want
to happen very often!

If we never wait to update the server, then we never have to worry "is
this change newer than mine."

That sort of thing is OK when you have one or two users - but when you
have a thousand or so users, having them update on every action is not
kind to the server - I already get stressed with my users if they set
their "check for new mail" to anything less than every 5 minutes or so.


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