Re: [Evolution] Two oddities in 2.24.2

Try updating to 2.24.2-2.fc10, which is still in Fedora's Testing repo.
I think that should fix the From: header issue.  Can't comment on the
select-all issue.

I currently have evolution-2.24.2-1.fc10.x86_64 and I'm not seeing the
From: header problem (I just did some tests).

I have evolution-2.24.2-1.fc10.i386 and if I click on, say, the email
address in the To: header on the evolution-list emails to start a new
email, the  From: address that gets used is my default one - this is not
the account that the list emails get sent to (or retrieved from).

As suggested by Matthew Barnes I'll try updating to the version in
Testing to see if it helps.

And indeed it does fix the problem...


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