[Evolution] Two oddities in 2.24.2

I've started using 2.24.2 that came with F10.  A couple of things...

Some one mentioned a few days ago about the From: header not being set
correctly.  It's just bit me.  The issue is this - if you reply to an
email it gets set correctly, but if you start a new message, then it
*always* gets set to the default from address, even if the highlighted
account is not the default one.  

Secondly, more of a "is it just me" ...

When I do Ctrl-A to "select all" there is a noticeable delay.  It's not
life threatening, just annoying as I'm used to doing Ctrl-A Ctrl-D
Ctrl-E in quick succession to clear out my spam folders - and because
the Ctrl-A takes so long, Evo misses the rest of the sequence.

It doesn't seem to be folder size related either - if I have 5 or 500
messages, it takes the same length of time.  My machine should be
powerful enough - it's an Intel quad core 2.4GHz with 4Gb of memory.


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