Re: [Evolution] POP3 mbox performance and auto-expunging?

*If* the folder in question is mbox format, then
it will compress said folder in order to remove the deleted messages. If
the folder is some other format it will do something else. Note that the
Evo user interface doesn't mention compression explicitly.

So in the case you mention then yes, it should do what you want.
Thank you for reassuring me :)

would the following scenario work:
setup the pop3 account ala defaults - this would have all the mail going
into mbox.

Then, create a maildir local account.
Then, create a filter on 'Source Account' ( the previously setup pop3
account ) to move all mail to the maildir account on receipt.  Then you
don't have to worry about managing a 2GB+ file.
So far there are a few problems I can see with that approach (I gave it a try tonight):
- it creates a duplicate "inbox" folder
- it still uses the pop account's folders for "drafts" and "sent mail" and others; there is no outbox, etc
- it feels a bit like a hack? :| is this the way maildir was intended to be used in evolution? (I never used maildir before)
- additional layers of complexity (multiple folders, 2 accounts, filtering rules... plenty of places for me to make mistakes :)

Interestingly, although thunderbird's "Mail" folder weighted 2 GiB tonight (after compression, mind you), when I imported the mbox files into evolution, for the same amount of messages, evolution used only 350 MiB or so. I'm pretty impressed on that.

I'm still a bit unsure how to proceed, but at least so far it looks like it can't be anywhere near as bad as Thunderbird was. I'm surprised though, hasn't anyone here used heavyweight mbox files before, or is mailbox corruption (virtually) nonexistent? Should I even be worrying so much? ;)

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