Re: [Evolution] POP3 mbox performance and auto-expunging?

On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 22:55 -0400, Jeff wrote:

would the following scenario work:
setup the pop3 account ala defaults - this would have all the mail
into mbox.

Then, create a maildir local account.
Then, create a filter on 'Source Account' ( the previously setup
account ) to move all mail to the maildir account on receipt.  Then
don't have to worry about managing a 2GB+ file.
So far there are a few problems I can see with that approach (I gave
it a try tonight):
- it creates a duplicate "inbox" folder
- it still uses the pop account's folders for "drafts" and "sent mail"
and others; there is no outbox, etc
You can set the account to use Sent and Drafts folders under the maildir
account via Edit/Preferences, highlight the pop3 account, select edit,
select defaults tab, point the drafts and sent to folders in the maildir
- it feels a bit like a hack? :| is this the way maildir was intended
to be used in evolution? (I never used maildir before)
I don't know.  It seems to work ok so far for me with this
configuration.  Per earlier emails in the mailing list, it would be nice
if you could directly configure a pop3 account to utilize a maildir
format -- but I'm not aware of a way to do so
- additional layers of complexity (multiple folders, 2 accounts,
filtering rules... plenty of places for me to make mistakes :)
perhaps... but hopefully it would be a one time setup/configuration

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