Re: [Evolution] HELP!

On Sun, 2008-08-10 at 16:20 -0500, Jimmy Montague wrote:
It's nice you found that broken filter. Your complaint got my immediate
attention because Ubuntu Hardy running Firefox gives me a hard freeze AT
LEAST once a day. Every time I reset the system, Evolution opens on
first use with no preview window and asks me to open one manually.

That's because it detected it wasn't shut down properly. It's a
protective measure against malformed HTML messages which have been known
to crash Evo when you try to view them.

The current version (2.22.x) asks you when it starts up if you want to
do this.

I'm always afraid that one of these times it won't work at all.

If you think the freeze is because of Ubuntu or FF, there's no reason to
be scared of Evo.

So far so good, I guess. I wish Ubuntu or Firefox (either or both) would
figure out what's wrong and issue a fix. If it wasn't for those hard
freezes, I'd have no problems with Evolution.

What has Evo got to do with it?


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