[Evolution] Move/Copy buttons

   (I know this has come up before--I've posted on it myself some time
ago--but I can't find the answer after searching the archives for an
hour, so I hope someone can help me...)
   I just updated from RedHat EL4 to EL5, which now gives me Evolution
2.12.3 instead of 2.0.x that I had before.  So now the Move and Copy
buttons are gone from what I guess is called the toolbar.  In their
places are Junk and NotJunk buttons that I don't want or use because
spam is filtered by my server.
   Can someone just tell me if there is a place to configure these
buttons in 2.12, if not with a tool, then where is the xml file
that I can play with?  Sample code to put back the Move button
would be even nicer.
George Reeke, Ph.D.
Head, Laboratory of Biological Modelling
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue
New York, NY  10065
email:  reeke rockefeller edu

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