Re: [Evolution] No message pagination

On Sun, 2008-08-10 at 10:44 +0100, Andrew Taylor wrote:
I have looked through the preferences but cannot find a solution

When I send a message and start typing, and I have a ten line
paragraph (that is, it would be ten lines on an A4 or American Quarto
page) it just continues to type on one long line. but as you can see
here, it doesn't do that all the time.

The message I typed to someone in my address-book just before this
message just continued and continued. Whereas you can see, in this
message, the lines are paginating properly on the screen.

If you send things formatted using HTML, then the "pagination" as you
call it is determined by the receiving end - it's how HTML works,
nothing you can do about it.  If you send using plain text, and the
format is set to "Normal", then Evo will insert line breaks to keep the
line length below 78 (?or something?) characters. With the "Preformat"
setting, Evo doesn't do any formatting itself and allows the user to do
what they want.

The message you sent had two parts, a plain text one and an HTML.  The
plain text one was formatted correctly, the HTML one had each paragraph
as one long line of text - i.e. in HTML, what you see when you type is
not necessarily how it is sent out, this is a consequence of sending
HTML mail.  Try sending your self a message and look at the source of
the email (Ctrl-U).


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