Re: [Evolution] Slow response

On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 17:51 +0100, Peter Saffrey wrote:
Well, you'll be amazed to hear that it is finally working. The final
problem was that the "exchange operations" plugin was not switched on
- possibly it should count as a bug that the "exchange" item on the
combo-box was still available. Anyway, I had to swich on the plugin,
relaunch evo and then it worked.

Woohoo!  Good news.

FYI, I figured out how to avoid the scrollkeeper errors (by disabling
scrollkeeper support in Evolution; this is not ideal but since it
doesn't work unless you install as root anyway...)

I've put up a slightly new version of the makefile that doesn't accept
any errors from the builds; if anything fails then the entire thing
fails.  This should make subsequent build/installs significantly safer
(personally this is what I suspect caused your previous problems).

It's still not lightning fast, but it's a good deal better, and about
what I would expect for a relatively feeble broadband connection to a
University server. Sometimes it takes up to 10 or 20 seconds to switch
folders or open messages, but it's bearable.

Wow, that seems slow to me but I have a decent internet connection.  One
thing to note is that Evo does a lot of client-side caching in your
~/.evolution directory, which means the first time a folder is visited
after you've created an account, it will be pretty slow.  Subsequent
visits should be noticeably faster.  Ditto with deleting mail: the first
time I delete something after creating my Exchange account it takes
literally a minute or so.  Thereafter it's VERY fast (especially in the
latest builds as of a week or so ago--it seemed to take another leap
forward in speed.  It used to be that when I deleted something the
screen seemed to flicker as if it was redrawing a couple of times and
now it's very smooth indeed).

You've given me a lot of help in getting this going. If there's
anything I can do in return - documentation, testing or whatever - let
me know.

You've already helped me a lot by working with me to debug the makefile.
If you find reportable bugs in Evo, please take the time to add them to


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