Re: [Evolution] DST

On 3/26/07, Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com> wrote:

Exceptions to the rule have been made, however, and there is some talk
of whether it would make sense to upgrade the major desktop applications
(Firefox, OpenOffice, and Evolution) at some point before RHEL 6.  I'm
in favor of that; it would make my job easier.  But nothing official has
been decided.

OK, so the situations are analagous.

I guess then, from my perspective (being a reseller/integrator trying
to develop linux desktop offerings for customers) I would certainly
vote to enable upgrade of "the major desktop applications" within
versions. SUSE supports SLED for 5 years.

That is a whale of a long time to expect staying at the same version
for all of these apps. In fact, it almost seems ridiculous to even
contemplate it.

I can understand that only a few apps could be consistently upgraded
over the life of the distro ... otherwise there would never be a new
distro version, just updating the existing one. But at the same time,
if customers have elected the stabilitiy of a distro supported for 5
years, that does not mean that they would willingly choose a
commitment to outdated desktop applications.

Anyway, thanx for clarifying ... it does appear as though this *could*
be possible (ie upgrading SLED evo to newest version) but it is not
trivial ...

I do wish evo was a little less dependant on gnome parts ...


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