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On 3/25/07, Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com> wrote:

Newer stable releases of Evoluton tend to utilize newer features of the
GNOME developer platform as they become available.  Upgrading from older
stable versions will likely require you to also upgrade GNOME's core
libraries such as GTK+ and GLib.  A decent packaging system should be
able to handle the transition smoothly.  I wouldn't advise trying to do
it manually.

so, are you suggesting that with RH enterprise desktop, that going
from one version of evo to another is possible and that RH provides
packages to do this?

If this is the case, then RH essentially upgrades GNOME at the same
time that EVO is updated?

See below for an exchange I had earlier on this list. In this case, it
sounds as though it would just be "too much to ask" to get the updated
evo in SLED 10:

On Tue, 2007-02-27 at 13:04 -0600, Peter Van Lone wrote:
On 2/27/07, Veerapuram Varadhan <vvaradhan novell com> wrote:

> >
> Same 2.6 (as we cannot put the newer version into Service packs and
> newer version pulls in lots of other newer libraries).

one more question:

is it at ALL possible to upgrade evo on a SLED 10 machine, to the
2.8.x or even 2.9? Or is EVO too enmeshed with Gnome stuff, that one
would actually have to upgrade the gnome version, also?

Is that why Novell appears reluctant to make updated version rpms available?

Sort of - but would not say reluctant about giving one.  2.8.x and
greater requires GNOME 2.16 or later - and SLED10 has only GNOME 2.12.
So, essentially, we will end up building 100+ packages (directly /
indirectly linked to evolution libraries) and thats one of the reasons
for not having provided 2.8.x or 2.9.x RPMS on SLED10.  So, it would be
of no use to ask user to upgrade/pull 100+ packages (including OOo) for
the sake of Evolution.

V. Varadhan

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