Re: [Evolution] DST

On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 00:50 -0500, Peter Van Lone wrote:
On 3/25/07, Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com> wrote:

Newer stable releases of Evoluton tend to utilize newer features of the
GNOME developer platform as they become available.  Upgrading from older
stable versions will likely require you to also upgrade GNOME's core
libraries such as GTK+ and GLib.  A decent packaging system should be
able to handle the transition smoothly.  I wouldn't advise trying to do
it manually.

so, are you suggesting that with RH enterprise desktop, that going
from one version of evo to another is possible and that RH provides
packages to do this?

FYI, the latest Evo RPMs on Fedora 6 (stable) are for 2.8.3. If you go
for the development version (essentially a beta of Fedora 7) you have to
update a large number of Gnome packages, which in turn triggers updates
to stuff that has nothing to do with Evo.

Personally, I just recompile from the tarballs (it's not hard if you
follow the README) and run Evo 2.10 quite happily on my Fedora 6 KDE
desktop. I don't use Garnome or jbuild precisely because they
enthusiastically recompile over 30 other packages which I don't care

However I do appreciate the point you raise about supporting a large set
of users; I certainly wouldn't want to do this in that case.


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