Re: [Evolution] Offline Evolution switched online when NIC changes

Ritesh Khadgaray <khadgaray gmail com>:

Evolution checks with NetworkManager for a inet connection, and if
existent switches to "online" mode.

This definitely happens.

And if nm finds no active inet connection, it informs applications
such as evolution, evolution switches to offline mode,

This does not happen, at least not with the exchange connector.

What happens is that the exchange connector/evolution pops up three
separate dialog boxes on top of each other, asking for the password.

It's a bad idea to to leave Evolution running, and respond to those
boxes once VPNC has opened a connection to the Exchange server,
because that, at least for me, results in my user account being locked
out from the Windows domain the Exchange server is a part of.

The only way out, is to kill evolution, and all evolution processes,
before starting a fresh Evolution _after_ the VPNC connection is up.

Then one is prompted once for the password (even though Evolution had
stored the password previous to this happening), and Evolution starts

Very messy.

Happens everytime I forget to kill Evolution at work before suspending
the machine, and resuming at home.

This is a expected behavior from what i have read about nm and
evolution integration .

Do you have any URLs pointing to this?


- Steinar

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