[Evolution] Evolution-Connector W/ Exchange 2007

Sigh.. The server got upgraded to Exchange 2007 and as a direct result
of that, I am unable to access my OWA webmail from the internet.
(funnily enough, I'm still able to access it from within (intranet),
perhaps due to it not being upgraded to Exchange 2007 as of yet)

I've looked around and even upgraded my evo client to 2.10 (from 2.8)
and the issue still persists.

There's a gnome bug opened on this already - 

There was a novell dev working on this, and the last response from him
was on February and mentioned that he's trying to get it done for the RC

Can anyone shed some light on this? (don't mean to prod or anything, but
just wondering if it's 1. Ready, 2. Which RC is that since there's no
mention and the bug was filed on 2.8.x branch)


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