Re: [Evolution] Offline Evolution switched online when NIC changes

On 6/20/07, Ritesh Khadgaray <khadgaray gmail com> wrote:

On Sun, 2007-06-17 at 16:22 +0200, Steinar Bang wrote:
> Hi!
> After upgrading from Ubuntu Dapper to Ubuntu Feisty (a reinstall,
> actually), the behaviour of Evolution (with exchange folders) changed:
> An offline Evolution is switched online when the wired NIC is plugged
> into a different network (or disconnected and reconnected in the same
> network), or when switching from wired LAN to WLAN.
This is a expected behavior from what i have read about nm and evolution
integration .

No it isn't, if the user switches (manually) evolution to offline then
Network Manager
signals should be ignored.


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