Re: [Evolution] [IMAP] Filtering and Expunging

On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 17:56 +0100, RÃben Fonseca wrote:
On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 14:08 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:

If I press Ctrl+E yes, it works, the messages are deleted on server.
But I think that, *at least*, there should be an option that does this
automatically, every time I delete a message, it expunges the server.
Don't expect me to hit 2 keyboard shortcuts every time I want to delete
a message.

You don't - you just have to press delete.  The IMAP standard says that
a message is only removed when the folder is purged, deleting just marks
it as deleted.  There is an option to expunge folders on exit though,
and you can hide deleted messages - you won't notice the difference that

try suspending your laptop, go to home/work and open evolution there on
another box... Then you got 500 mails that you have previously

The IMAP protocol provides *no* guarantees about consistency when two or
more clients are accessing the same mailbox simultaneously. This is not
an Evo problem. Increasing the frequency of expunges will reduce the
possibility of race conditions but not eliminate them entirely (BTW
that's probably why your filters aren't working as expected.)

We can discuss alternative strategies for when and how often Evo should
do expunges, but note that expunging a message means you can't undelete
it. That's why I prefer to have it under my explicit control.

Note that simply quitting Evo isn't enough. You have to log out or use
the '--force-shutdown' option to make sure the back end is no longer
active. I for one would like a additional "Really Quit" option from
within Evo so as not to have to use a Shell session for this since I
also tend to leave myself logged in from more than one place.


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