[Evolution] [IMAP] Filtering and Expunging


I'm using Evolution 2.10.1 on Ubuntu stable.

I have 3 IMAP accounts. The problem is that I create filters for Inbox
mail, to have my email delivered to sub folders. Also I have a filter to
eliminate completely a message containing the word "Spam".

I have two problems:

* Whenever I have new mail, some filters are not applied. For example,
some (if not all) spam messages aren't deleted or emails are not
delivered to sub folders. I have to manually select the new emails, and
press Ctrl + Y to (re)apply filters. As you can imagine, after 2 days,
you don't want to use Evo anymore. I checked and rechecked each account
and found the "Apply filters to new messages on this server" on.

* When (manually or automatically) my email is filtered, it disappears
from the Inbox. This is ok. But if for some reason my evolution crashes
or I lost internet connectivity, lots of old "unfiltered" emails appear
as soon as I connect to the server again. It seems that when emails are
deleted or moved, evolutions caches the information but doesn't apply it
on the remote IMAP server. I search and found no option to do this. I
really want the emails to be expunged as soon as I gave an order to do

Are this know problems? Am I doing something wrong? Please advice :)

Thank you for your excellent email client :)


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