Re: [Evolution] [IMAP] Filtering and Expunging

If I press Ctrl+E yes, it works, the messages are deleted on server.
But I think that, *at least*, there should be an option that does this
automatically, every time I delete a message, it expunges the server.
Don't expect me to hit 2 keyboard shortcuts every time I want to delete
a message.

You don't - you just have to press delete.  The IMAP standard says that
a message is only removed when the folder is purged, deleting just marks
it as deleted.  There is an option to expunge folders on exit though,
and you can hide deleted messages - you won't notice the difference that

From a mail admin point of view, I would not be happy if the imap
folders were expunged at every delete - re-writing 500Mb mail boxes
everytime someone presses a delete key would send the server into melt


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