Re: [Evolution] [IMAP] Filtering and Expunging

On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 13:19 +0100, michael wrote:

* When (manually or automatically) my email is filtered, it disappears
from the Inbox. This is ok. But if for some reason my evolution crashes
or I lost internet connectivity, lots of old "unfiltered" emails appear
as soon as I connect to the server again. It seems that when emails are
deleted or moved, evolutions caches the information but doesn't apply it
on the remote IMAP server. I search and found no option to do this. I
really want the emails to be expunged as soon as I gave an order to do

"Expunging" is a server side function, it's not Evo that does it - in
fact most things to do with IMAP folders are done on the server side.
The only time that Evo caches things like that is if it is working

Delete in Evolution needs to be followed by Expunge (CNTL E) for emails
to be deleted off the server. This works as expected for me.

If I press Ctrl+E yes, it works, the messages are deleted on server.
But I think that, *at least*, there should be an option that does this
automatically, every time I delete a message, it expunges the server.
Don't expect me to hit 2 keyboard shortcuts every time I want to delete
a message.


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