Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.12.1 not auto filtering new messages after switch to new IMAP server software

On Sat, 2007-12-08 at 10:27 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
Gavin Simpson wrote:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have not added any mail notification
applets to my Gnome desktop in Fedora 8, though I do get a message in
the system tray/notification area about new mail when Evolution polls
the IMAP server (Evolution itself is set to check every 10 minutes) -
but I thought this was generated by Evolution itself using inotify - is
this correct?
No. Inotify allows one process to notice when some local file or files 
have changed. AFAIK it has nothing to do with network protocols (even if 
your "local" files are actually NFS-mounted).
I certainly haven't asked to an email applet to tell me
new mail has arrived - but I do get a flashing letter icon in the system
tray when new mail comes in, but only in Evolution. Evolution is set to
not notify me when new mail arrives (in the preferences) but that seems
to be related to flashing the screen or playing a beep - I can't see
anything about stopping the notification in the system tray.
IIRC this is controlled by a plugin (away from my machine at the moment 
so I can't check) but in any case the Evo notifier shouldn't cause the 

OK, thanks Patrick. So that leaves something being done on the server.
I'll have to take this up with our sys admins to check.

All the best,


Also, note that this also affects an older version of Evolution (on FC5)
that does not notify me in the system tray area of new mail, and was
working quite happily prior to UCL switching IMAP server software.

I will check with our systems admins as to whether other applications on
the server could be interfering?

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