Re: [Evolution] Very serious problem with evo-exchange 2.11.5

I had this problem a couple of days ago. I had the Evolution GUI open
when the mails were deleted. I was able to see each and every mail being
deleted and it looked as if someone was deleting them for me. I freaked
out. After searching the web for sometime I was able to find this
thread. Removing the .evolution/exchange and .evolution/mail/exchange
resolved the problem. 

I also noticed the same scenario as what Paul experienced before all my
mails were deleted. Some of my mails during a period of time were
missing. To be specific, mails from a period in between my most recent
and the oldest mail in my Exchange server were missing. The period was
something like a year. Noticing that problem I wanted to get the
remaining mails using the ''Download messages for offline'' option (Menu
File > Download message for offline). This led me to the known bug A few days after that
I hit this current problem.

Info about my computer
Distro - Fedora 8
Kernel -
GNOME - 2.20.2
Evolution - 2.12.2

I am not too sure about it but I guess at one point before all my mails
in my Inbox were deleted I deleted a single mail on my Exchange Server
using Evolution. This may or may not have triggered it. To give you some
more background, I upgraded from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8 (which had
Evolution 2.12.2) retaining all my setting in my home folder including
the mail settings. I did the same from Fedora Core 6 to Fedora 7 and did
not see that problem at all. 

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