Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.12.1 not auto filtering new messages after switch to new IMAP server software

Pete Biggs wrote:
I use Evolution (of various ages) with Dovecot without any problems at
Virtually always such problems are to do with some other program
'seeing' the message, but leaving it unread, before Evolution gets it.
The 'new' status of a message in IMAP is really 'has a message arrived
since the mail box was last polled' -  it has nothing to do with if it
was read or not.
Not quite. "New" means "the \Seen flag is not set". The \Seen flag is set by the server when some client does certain kinds of FETCH. The RFC ( says:

     RFC822 <>.HEADER
        Equivalent to BODY[HEADER].  Note that this did not result in
        \Seen being set, because RFC822 <>.HEADER response data occurs as
        a result of a FETCH of RFC822 <>.HEADER.  BODY[HEADER] response
        data occurs as a result of a FETCH of BODY[HEADER] (which sets
        \Seen) or BODY.PEEK[HEADER] (which does not set \Seen).

I find this unintelligible (where they say "did" do they mean"does" or are they talking about a previous edition of the protocol spec?; I've no idea). Maybe a close reading of the entire RFC would be enlightening, but in general ambiguity is likely to lead to different interpretations from different implementors.


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