Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.12.1 not auto filtering new messages after switch to new IMAP server software

I use Evolution (of various ages) with Dovecot without any problems at

Virtually always such problems are to do with some other program
'seeing' the message, but leaving it unread, before Evolution gets it.
The 'new' status of a message in IMAP is really 'has a message arrived
since the mail box was last polled' -  it has nothing to do with if it
was read or not.  And it is a flag sent by the server to the client -
the client can not change the flag on the server, once a message has
been seen, that's it.

Is it possible that some program somewhere (like a mail notification
applet or webmail application) is accessing the mail box?


On Thu, 2007-12-06 at 17:58 +0000, Gavin Simpson wrote:
Dear List,

[Apologies if this comes through twice - I was not subscribed earlier so
figured my message went into a black hole somewhere]

My institution recently changed the IMAP server software on its IMAP
servers from Washington IMAP to Dovecot. As soon as this change was
completed, Evolution stopped automatically filtering new messages
arriving in my inbox into my IMAP folders.

I thought this might have been a problem in an older version of
Evolution (I was using Fedora 5 until recently) so I waited until Fedora
8 was released, installed that on my work machine and laptop and tested
to see if a newer Evolution (2.12.1) would filter the messages. In
short, the problem remains.

I should add that if I select the new messages and press Ctrl-y to
filter them, Evolution then filters the messages into the correct

I have tried Thunderbird also, and it does automatically filter new
messages into the correct mailboxes, so this is not some major problem
with the IMAP server I connect to at UCL.

I am not sure how to proceed now? Are there settings in Evolution I
should try to see if that alters the current behaviour? I have tried
downloading all IMAP headers to see if that was a problem, but that did
not change anything. I have checked that the Apply filters to new
messages in INBOX on this server option is selected - it is.

As I say, this was working fine in Evolution in Fedora 5 until UCL
switched to Dovecot, but the problem remains in Evolution 2.12.1 on
Fedora 8.

If anyone has any suggestions, I will be very pleased to hear them.

All the best and thanks in advance,


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